The LA Listens team has collected field recordings of Los Angeles neighborhoods. Some of these recordings were captured during soundwalks, an ambulatory exercise with the intention to listen to the sonic textures of a place. Working with community members and organizers, we have done soundwalks and interviews uncover neighborhood dynamics and histories in-situ.

We have made our audio files available under the Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0. Anyone is encouraged to share and adapt these audio materials as long as they give appropriate credit.

This table contains all of the recordings that we have captured and analyzed so far. We encourage you to download the audio files (MP3, WAV, and MIDI) to remix, recompose, and integrate into your own audio projects.

This location recording was collected as a result of a soundwalk and field recording session taking place at the intersection between E Cesar Chavez Avenue and Chicago Street in Boyle Heights by Wendy Hsu and Steven Kemper.

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